ArtFire Website 2015 Refresh

af-after 2015

ArtFire is the main Competitor to Etsy. I had worked for t hem for 3 years as a consultant doing all the work that needed design, from ads to logos, promos, to the webpage front and back ends.

They came back to me in 2015 to help refresh the front page to looks a little more “crafty” and “feminine” since it was the user base. Not a redo just some small touches to brighten it up. They also wanted a new logo to flash back to a previous one I had done, but new.

I started by changing the fonts to a more handwritten looking script, brightening the feature text color, adding some hand-drawn elements, and a subtle hand-drawn background texture. I brought this to the feature area as well as a bright splash of coordinating color over a part of the picture instead of darkening the whole shot so type was readable. Also added a icon to take you from the quoted snippet to their store.

They ended up doing most of this.


Here’s the Before pic!

af-before 2015